All Time Top 10 Tigers of Bandhavgarh

1. Charger – The Tiger

The alpha male tiger of Bandhavgarh who earned his nickname for occasionally mock charging every vehicle and mahout. All of these roaring tigers at Bandhavgarh are descendants of Charger and Sita, the most well-known female tigress. After what the now-promoted senior forest guards refer to as the “longest nights of tiger growls and battles between Banka and Charger,” Charger took over “banka” tiger’s male territory in the Chakradhara region. The first to announce Banka’s defeat and Charger’s conquest of his domain was Kuttapan, the adored mahout of Bandhavgarh. In charge from 1991 to 1999 was Charger. Charger suffered major injuries in his previous encounter with B2 and was sent under the care of the Forest Department as a result. The epitaph “Charger point” was created for his cremation location, Magdhi Zone, following his passing in the year 2000.

Charger-the tiger

2. Sita – The Tigress

The most extensively photographed tiger in history, Sita died in 1998. Sita died as a reason for poaching.  She raised a total of six litters, the first three from Banka and the last four from “Charger.” Sita was the mother of Bara Baccha – the eldest one, Langru – the limping one, Mohini – the lovely tigress, Pyari – the female of Chakradhara, and Reshma – the female of Banbehi.


3. Mohini – The Tigress

was an especially beautiful female tigress of Bandhavgarh. She mated with the male tiger Mahaman. Born to Sita and Charger with Pyari, Reshma and Langru. She died of the wounds from very tragically vehicular accident in 2009.


4. B2 – The Tiger

The ‘King’ of India’s Bandhavgarh National Park, who passed away on November 20, 2011, after injuries sustained during a territorial fight with a younger and more powerful male tiger. In a territorial battle, he won control of the region and remained a dominant male tiger in a sizable section of Bandhavgarh’s Tala range for a while, siring several pups with at least four different tigresses. He died of the wounds inflicted by other dominant male tiger from a territorial fight on 20 November 2011.

sita - the tigress
Sita & cubs
B2- the tiger

5. Bokha – The Tiger

Everyone believed B2 will rule Bandhavgarh unchallenged like his father after B1 and B3 brothers of B2 perished from poaching and electrocution.  But a nemesis overthrew a challenge to him in 2003-04. Unknown about his lineage, Bokha, a new tiger who had a fractured canine and was given the Hindi word for a broken tooth, rose to prominence as a fearsome competitor.

6. Bamera – The Tiger

Bamera overthrew his ailing father B2 to become Bandhavgarh’s dominant male, replacing him. Bamera, who was expected to be the largest tiger Bandhavgarh had seen in a few years, captured everyone’s attention and quickly became the stuff of park guides and drivers’ stories. Some others said that he is as large as a car’s hood. Others used an artificial proportion to indicate his stature and width while gesturing with their hands. But they all agreed on one thing: He is quiet and well-behaved, much like B2. Bamera hurt both of his forepaws in one of the battles with Jobi, but Jobi was left with one eye blinded as a result. After then, Jobi went back to Jobi-vah, a spot in the park. Bamera also sustained injuries, most likely from Bheem (a new tiger who began to rule Khitauli, maybe by expelling Mukunda), and by the middle of 2016, Bamera had passed away.

Bamera tiger
Bokha-the tiger

7. Jobi – The Tiger

Bokha male and Jhurjhura female gave birth to Jobi in 2006; he was given the name Jobi for the region he controlled, Jobi-vah. By the time Jobi and Bamera gained notoriety in 2010, they already owned and ruled the majority of the territory that belonged to their respective dads. Unfortunately for them, the rise of other powerful males also occurred during their reign. The sole known partner of Jobi was Choti Mahaman Female (the offspring of Old Mahaman Female), and their April 2012 litter had two notable tigers: New Mahaman Male (also known as Mamu) and Chota Charger.

8. Bheem – The Tiger

The biggest one in Bandhavgarh National Park, Bheem, is named for the legendary figure from the Mahabharata reputed for having the strength of 10,000 elephants. He roams over the Khitauli and Magadhi zones and is one of the dominant male tigers from Bandhavgarh. One of the male cubs of the Mahaman female who is only a few years old and is known by the moniker Chhota Bheem due to his size might be his potential rival. He even assaulted a youngster belonging to another tigress, known as Solo female, whose kids are by a different male, according to the Forest Department.

9. Mr. X, the unknown – The Tiger

Mr. X aka Bamera’s son was born in October 2011 to Kankati (aka Vijaya) and Bamera with two other females in the litter. One of the sisters was slain by an unidentified guy in May 2013. He was last seen in June with the other sister, but the forest authorities later pronounced him dead. He was apparently intermittently spotted in the Hardia, Fort, and Chakradhara neighbourhoods. After three years, he reappeared in early 2016. He looked enormous for a 5-year-old male, mostly because he has been subsisting on the cattle on the grazing meadows and agricultural fields that are scattered around his domain. He may be one of the few Bandhavgarh tigers to have killed the powerful Gaur, and he makes good use of domestic livestock to complement his prey. Mr. X (remember, Bheem is aged) might govern Bandhavgarh – both Tala and Magadhi for a very long time and captivate the tourists much like his forebears did while maybe contributing to the tribe if he had age on his side and no other men to oppose him.

10. Spotty – The Tigress

Spotty a bold beautiful tigress, spotted in Tala region, recognized from “T” mark over her right eye gives. She was discovered in the Tala area. She is the offspring of Charger’s ancestors, male tiger “Blue Eyes” and female tiger “Sukhi Pateeha.” Three beautiful females who have grown up and gone on are the proud offspring of the majestic mother. Mangu, a Tala dominant male, is her mate.

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