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The park is open between 01st October and 30th June. 

Bandhavgarh is closed from 1st July till 30th September every year for monsoon.
It is also closed on Holi and Diwali festival. You must find out about the dates of these festivals and then make your plan
The national parks is closed for safaris on Wednesday afternoon as well.
The buffer zones, of Panpatha, Johila, and Dhamokhar, are open round the year.

The Tiger sightings in Bandhavgarh are good from October till June. The sightings definitely improve in the hotter months of March till June. But sightings have been quite good in winters as well in Bandhavgarh. If you are wanting to see Tigers then anytime from October to June is good. But if you are into photography and wanting to photograph Tigers, then March-May is definitely better. Tiger sightings do get impacted when it rains but I have seen Tigers even in rains in Bandhavgarh, walking, and doing their daily chores.

Safari timings depend on the sunrise and sunset time. Morning safari starting at sunrise is of 5 hours, and afternoon safari starts 3 hours before sunset, until sun goes down. The exact times vary every month as the time of sunrise and sunset keeps changing as the year goes by. Full day safari starts 15 minutes before sunrise and goes until 15 minutes past sunset.

  • Jeep Safaris: Most of the vehicle safaris are conducted in a 4X4 drive six seater open vehicle. Maximum 6 guests, plus a forest guide, and a driver are permitted to be in the vehicle. If there is a child under 5 years of age, he is also allowed. But 7 adult guests are not allowed. Bandhavgarh also has two 12-seater open canters. These are booked through Madhya Pradesh Tourism Lodges in the area.
  • Full day Jeep Safaris: These safaris need to be pre-booked, and are exceedingly expensive compared to the regular safaris. The advantage of doing this safari is that you get to enter the park 15 minutes before others enter the park, and stay on till 15 minutes past sunset. You may carry your breakfast, and lunch, and have the same at some designated places inside the park. You have access to all the 3 tourism zones with the full day safari permit.

Some resorts have wi-fi in limited areas, like the dining room, or the guest lounge area. Some lodges also have started to give the internet dongle for the guest to use them in their rooms. Most of the lodges do not charge for internet. Do not expect very fast speeds, but yes, you can handle your emails and general office work on this speed.

Yes, most of the good standard resorts have laundry services. If you give your laundry in the morning before going for your morning safari, then you tend to get it back the same day by evening.
The morning safaris start go get a bit nippy by early November, and in December the winter sets in. The morning temperature by the 3rd week of December are about 3-5 degree Celsius, while the day temperatures are about 18-23 degrees Celsius. Winters continue till mid-Feb. Days start to get warm from early March, and by end of March the mercury touches about 40 degree Celsius. By May the day temperature touches 42-44 degree Celsius.
It all depends on where you are staying, and how far is your lodge from Tala village. To give you an indication of distances. Tala gate is only half a km from Tala village. So if the resort/lodge/hotel you are staying is close to Tala then that is the distance. Magdhi and Khitauli gates are about 7kms from Tala village.
Only a few lodges have safe deposit lockers. So you must find out before you book your hotels.
You may visit the local village, or a local school. You can also go for a birding walk with the naturalist at the lodge you are staying in. But do find out at the time of booking about the charges for these activities.
No, strictly no walking is permitted in the Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve. You are not allowed to get off the vehicle as well. There are only a couple of designated spots where you can get off the vehicle. The guides in your Jeep will let you know of the same.
Safari permit rates are same for all nationals. Infact all the Tiger reserves in the state of Madhya Pradesh have this policy.
Yes, the Tiger safaris are safe. You must follow the rules and regulations of the park. The park guide who is with you in the vehicle will tell you of the same. If your presence is not threatening to wildlife then you are totally safe. Maintaining safe distance from animals and being silent during safaris is highly recommended. No fire arms are permitted inside the park. Any harm done to any living being of the forest is a punishable act, and can land you in prison.
The safari permits are booked online 120 days prior to the safari date. The permits are few due to limited carrying capacity of our national parks. Hence please book your holiday in Bandhavgarh atleast 5 months in advance so that there is enough time to book your safari permits. Anyone can book the permits online by visiting the Madhya Pradesh Forest department website. Payments are also made online.

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